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Plain o’l fun with Leo


Just a few more  playful shots I did with Leo the same day I also did these shots These like everything I do were ver spontaneous and “right then it came to me”






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Léopard-marie Johnson

Met  Léopard at a fashion show, and I am not scared to say that she took the show for that night she stood out and she wore the clothing well. Since then I have been dying to do a shoot with her or feature her in some way. I really just wanted to capture her  because I found her interesting. We did a couple shoots earlier in the day but I think these went well because I had total control on how the pictures looked, she had the scarf/head tie that I loved and I used it on her to look like those 60’s pin-up girls. Anyways I am babbling and this blog is about visuals. Enjoy.

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