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Magazine Shots

I like when I get to work with people like this. These pictures were taken months ago for a friend of mine magazine some of these pictures made i some didnt. some of these were some of my own personal ideas which was just a spur of the moment.

List of people that was involved: Gideon Cudjoe Kenke  Danmole Meme The-O’fishal Poet


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Its funny how you meet people in a certain situation and then see them in another. I have been working with Gideon Cudjoe for a couple months now being one of his photographers for his online magazine called fashionationonline. I can say without tarnishing his name that he is one of the most immature people you will ever come across, but when it comes to work he is one of the most efficient persons I have ever met. He “literally doesn’t rest until the work is done. One quick glance at Gideon you’d think he was far removed to any form of fashion, but looking closely and talking to him you’d find a world of information. This is his fourth issue and I was one of his photographer on the shoot.


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Brick Lane (personal work)

Got a couple of my pictures shown off in an online magazine street wear section called fashionationonline.com

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