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“Sunday Market” Bricklane

Liking the style especially with the black on black

Thing I like about the London is that it drives all talent to work together, If you were say a film maker looking for a musician to make a piece for a scene you would have to look far.

Cory here rocking the “LES4LEE” beads.

Now this is just the best pipe I have ever been seen “smoked”


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Its funny how you meet people in a certain situation and then see them in another. I have been working with Gideon Cudjoe for a couple months now being one of his photographers for his online magazine called fashionationonline. I can say without tarnishing his name that he is one of the most immature people you will ever come across, but when it comes to work he is one of the most efficient persons I have ever met. He “literally doesn’t rest until the work is done. One quick glance at Gideon you’d think he was far removed to any form of fashion, but looking closely and talking to him you’d find a world of information. This is his fourth issue and I was one of his photographer on the shoot.


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Dutchie & Dooch Series1

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Now let me just state clearly I am in no form or way a Jordan fan shoes maybe the person (was a Knicks fan back in the day). The Nike had there lastest Jordans designed  Va$htie (Music Video Director) being the first female to do so is impressive.

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