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Leanne Robinson- Up and Close with Cosy

The team I work with called Cosy Show do an “off the couch” label where we shoot videos of people we believe are the next big thing and are really talented. Leanne is definitely one to watch out for.



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Stina Gjestrum Larsen

Designer: Stina Gjestrum Larsen

Model: Mona Mi

Photographer: A bit obvious isn’t it


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Mona Mi

I asked by a good friend of mine to come down and watch a designer do a shoot, “Her name is Mona Mi” i was told. Went because of who invited me. Very enthusiastic and charismatic person that without a doubt seems to love what she does. I didnt use any pictures of her complete face simply because a couple days later I did a shoot of her with as the model for another designer she is close with. But for now viewers meet Mona Mi. 







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Joshua Meredith

Met Josh couple months back from a friend of mine I study with. “Joshy boy” Is an actor/musician and you can see a vidI did with him couple months back called “Meeting the High Seas” heard his music and thought I just had to record. The pictures I actually did the same time as the video and also a Actors Monologue (which I cant release,, atleast just yet).

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“Cafe 101” Bricklane

Ran into this “Lady” (forgot her name) a like minded camera geek with a piece of equipment I had never seen before and I dont think she was even allowed to say what it was. Anyways anyone that actually knows her can leave me a comment of her name and details plz.

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“Black List Awards” Wembley Stadium

I did a job with a friend of mine to take some pictures at an award show celebrating Black British Athletes and I stumbled across this man in this well cut suit. As I saw it I knew this was no M&S suit then I saw his face and thought he looked strangely familiar and I even asked. He said he came to alot of functions like this and dismissed me without making me feel like he was running me… 2 months later the same friend said that she got a job to document the first black owner on Saville Row (research Andrew Ramroop for who dont know). But yeah was to follow the person and she wanted me to assist. I bet you a penny you cant tell me who it was. Guess I owe you a penny.

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