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Ars Gratia Artis

I havent blogged in awhile, eight months to be exact but I feel its fitting now to post these. Without going into great details this blog is now asking me for money to post so I am trying to build a website so I can continue blogging. Anyways for the past three day have been intense, juggling many things at once is hard ( don’t know how you women do that on a daily basis). But one thing that has happened is I have watched a friend go though issues and question them as they happen (by no means are these issues as dramatic as they may seem). We have had long debates about life and the “way of life ” and the life we should live and it is funny how certain situations push us to either do things we have not done in a while or even do things we have never done. Ars Gratia Artis-“Art for Art sake” is a phrase I stumbled across a couple days ago and find it appropriate for now, simple because the person here by knowing whats on her CV by no means seems the artistic type but surrounds herself with it so much so that she arts for art sake. He is a friend I hold close, so much soul nicole.












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Cherry “Outside our studio”
















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“Take a break Cafe” Uxbridge


Walking pass and found it wierd a fellow country man resided in this small town I have been hiding away for the past 3 years. Thought I was far removed from my countrymen. Just goes to show the myth is right, there are more of us outside of the country than inside.

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Stina Gjestrum Larsen

Designer: Stina Gjestrum Larsen

Model: Mona Mi

Photographer: A bit obvious isn’t it


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Mona Mi

I asked by a good friend of mine to come down and watch a designer do a shoot, “Her name is Mona Mi” i was told. Went because of who invited me. Very enthusiastic and charismatic person that without a doubt seems to love what she does. I didnt use any pictures of her complete face simply because a couple days later I did a shoot of her with as the model for another designer she is close with. But for now viewers meet Mona Mi. 







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“Sunday Market” Bricklane

Liking the style especially with the black on black

Thing I like about the London is that it drives all talent to work together, If you were say a film maker looking for a musician to make a piece for a scene you would have to look far.

Cory here rocking the “LES4LEE” beads.

Now this is just the best pipe I have ever been seen “smoked”

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“Concrete Bar” Shoreditch

Let me just add that for both picture he was not aware of me taking them, I was always told that although you should wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear you. I am convinced that wearing certain garments brings out a certain character in you and well this I think is a perfect example of it. Putting him in sweat pants and a “hoodie” I am sure this same person would not pose or even behave like this. Now I am not saying he would necessarily act “hood” but he would not see the need to act like a total “debonaire” wearing sweats. This is the opening of  street photos. This though is a more recent one but I liked because I think this is what is expected to see. Beware though that what I find interesting might be a WTF for you. All in all I hope you enjoy because I have alot to share

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