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YOTP (Year Of The Poet) first saw G.R.E.Ed.S on youtube and thought he was really good and his video was shot really well. The poem didn’t stand out to me at first (that could simply be because I was more captivated the visuals). A month or so later he was invited to perform at the Cosy Show (which I am embarrassed to say I don’t post on my blog seeing that I film every show). He came down and blew the audience away including me. For about a week I was speaking to people about him who had the slightest interest in “poetry” and “spoken word”. I did a video which I posted of on my earlier blogs of a poet called LD Henriques.  

Surprisingly he got hands on my blog and made the effort to find me and commend me on it. He went further to ask me very humbly of if I would like to work with him, at this time I was laughing because here was someone with clear talent I believed I would be able to reach after the Cosy show sending me a message on facebook about us working “funny how the world works”. Anyways week or so later he asks me to come down to a show to see him perform and maybe record and well let me not explain just click play (which am sure you already did before you read this).


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Mimi I have known for quite sometime now, met her while she was doing her shopping where we both use to live at one point in London, I admired her dreads then later after knowing her, her whole persona. She is the partner of Blaise which I featured in my previous post. She has always had a unique sense of fashion and thinking. Now I have always heard of “Personal Shoppers” but never met one till I met her. She is a female with endless talent.


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JB Style Zone- Voicemail

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Erin Ingleton

For someone who seems very focused and very organized she presents herself as very laid back type a person. When I first met her I took some photos of her fashion show (couple post down). It was a last minute request so I hadn’t met her till the day of the Show. I went up to her while she seemed to have a million and one thing on her mind and said “you wanted me to take some pictures”, she looked me up and down and replied “do what u seem fit” and walked off”. Couple days later we are in her room talking like we grew up together, Miss Erin Ingleton. Oh let me juts put it to you she didn’t realize this was an interview and the camera was on till a minute or so into talking, but that just brings back my first point… focused… organized… laid back…. no doubt in my mind she isn’t going to be a face to be reckon with.

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