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Ars Gratia Artis

I havent blogged in awhile, eight months to be exact but I feel its fitting now to post these. Without going into great details this blog is now asking me for money to post so I am trying to build a website so I can continue blogging. Anyways for the past three day have been intense, juggling many things at once is hard ( don’t know how you women do that on a daily basis). But one thing that has happened is I have watched a friend go though issues and question them as they happen (by no means are these issues as dramatic as they may seem). We have had long debates about life and the “way of life ” and the life we should live and it is funny how certain situations push us to either do things we have not done in a while or even do things we have never done. Ars Gratia Artis-“Art for Art sake” is a phrase I stumbled across a couple days ago and find it appropriate for now, simple because the person here by knowing whats on her CV by no means seems the artistic type but surrounds herself with it so much so that she arts for art sake. He is a friend I hold close, so much soul nicole.












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Cherry “Outside our studio”
















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YOTP (Year Of The Poet) first saw G.R.E.Ed.S on youtube and thought he was really good and his video was shot really well. The poem didn’t stand out to me at first (that could simply be because I was more captivated the visuals). A month or so later he was invited to perform at the Cosy Show (which I am embarrassed to say I don’t post on my blog seeing that I film every show). He came down and blew the audience away including me. For about a week I was speaking to people about him who had the slightest interest in “poetry” and “spoken word”. I did a video which I posted of on my earlier blogs of a poet called LD Henriques.  

Surprisingly he got hands on my blog and made the effort to find me and commend me on it. He went further to ask me very humbly of if I would like to work with him, at this time I was laughing because here was someone with clear talent I believed I would be able to reach after the Cosy show sending me a message on facebook about us working “funny how the world works”. Anyways week or so later he asks me to come down to a show to see him perform and maybe record and well let me not explain just click play (which am sure you already did before you read this).

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Cory & Rissy (CAP)

Birds of a feather flock together, so without knowing me and seeing how I behave you can judge me by who I hang with. Meet the Alleyne’s, very close to me. I spent a whole weekend with them and this is basically how they are 24/7

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Adjani’s Crib (CAP)

I know I shouldnt really put this video up but i just got the 5D at this point and Adjani was bored so we decided lets do s cribs video. The foolishness we get up to, I will have you know this was done in one shot only once no do overs…. I apologize for the sideway view it only last for 45 seconds. This just shows that Adjani is so cocky for the both of us that I dont need to be.

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Mimi I have known for quite sometime now, met her while she was doing her shopping where we both use to live at one point in London, I admired her dreads then later after knowing her, her whole persona. She is the partner of Blaise which I featured in my previous post. She has always had a unique sense of fashion and thinking. Now I have always heard of “Personal Shoppers” but never met one till I met her. She is a female with endless talent.


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A Daily Basis (Emmavie)

One of my many blessings is that I am surrounded by talented people all day round, This is not the first or second video done of Emmavie by me and it aint definitely not the last. I titled it daily basis simply because this is actually what happens around me every single day. Emmavie is apart of Tr3House and is the only woman in it, she holds her ground firmly in it. With talent like this there is no stopping her, she is definitely the next big thing.

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