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Adjani’s Crib (CAP)

I know I shouldnt really put this video up but i just got the 5D at this point and Adjani was bored so we decided lets do s cribs video. The foolishness we get up to, I will have you know this was done in one shot only once no do overs…. I apologize for the sideway view it only last for 45 seconds. This just shows that Adjani is so cocky for the both of us that I dont need to be.


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JB Style Zone- Voicemail

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Jamaican Blog Awards

First and foremost I wanna than God… naw naw am playing, am sorry for posting this so late (typical Jamaican, I was without Athena “my laptop” for a day) but I am pleased that I won because I had given some of my days vote to Ishka Design (very impressed with her blog and what she shares with the world). I have recently placed her in ┬ámy “blogroll” (thats one of the small boxes to the right have a look and see who I was put up against). If there is anyone to thank is the person who nominated me because till now I am clueless as to how I even got on the awards. I wasn’t even able to watch it over the internet because I was stuck on the stupid night bus which are the worst when in a hurry. I read the review and my mother told me about the event and by the sounds it went well minus some hiccups and possibilities of it not being a one hit wonder seems slim, there is hope for it. ┬áSome pictures that I was tagged in on facebook of my uncle, photography is his hobby my passion and my mother is the engine of this little pop down deportee that walks around with a camera.



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When the sun is bright time for black and white

After three years of having my cousin close; whether it be walking, driving, or since i am in london a train distance, has abruptly come to an end. Upon his departure we have reminisce on the ideas, ventures and plans to better ourselves as budding…(No title as yet). He has returned to a more relaxed Jamaica, far from the hussle and bussle of London.

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Yellow Wall meet Models… Models meet the The Yellow Wall

Was asked to come down a fashion show on the weekend to document what was happening; like a lot of fashion shows the best part of it is the backstage event and this is what this post is about. All these were taken while the “show must go on”. These were done by Adjani who came to help me out last minute, he came in and wasted no time. In the end he had people requesting photos from him like he was “Annie Leibovitz”. The yellow wall was strictly coincidence but it worked like a charm for both model and photographers.

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