Mimi I have known for quite sometime now, met her while she was doing her shopping where we both use to live at one point in London, I admired her dreads then later after knowing her, her whole persona. She is the partner of Blaise which I featured in my previous post. She has always had a unique sense of fashion and thinking. Now I have always heard of “Personal Shoppers” but never met one till I met her. She is a female with endless talent.



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4 responses to “MiMi CHiQ (CAP)

  1. Samanta

    Melissa is a very mature young lady. I’ve known her for quite some time but only had the pleasure of REALLY getting to know her late last year. Her presence is magnetic, she is an inspirational and motivational being. She is not only BEAUTIFUL but also conscious and focused. I see her taking it to another level and making it all the way! Give thanks Melissa, you are a star!

  2. That was very scholastic piece of writing

  3. Might be this blog’s greatest writing I have seen..

  4. Thank goodness some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this post!!

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