Kooka Boora Cafe

I spent couple days in Paris and this has to be the coolest place I visited. In a little cafe 5 mins from the Hotel I stayed, I felt more in France in that cafe than any other place even the Eiffel Tower. Loved how they served coffee even though they were more expensive than my regular Starbucks. I just felt like recording it and I even started editing bits of it in the cafe. Could of done way better with the video but I hope you guys enjoy.



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7 responses to “Kooka Boora Cafe

  1. Ava

    Henryyyy I love it 🙂

  2. I love this video- very nicely done! What is the soundtrack you used? It’s gorgeous, thank you

  3. I think your blog is just wonderful- I just shared this with my network but had to to so manually to your homepage as are no share tools and there is no “About’ page- is this intentional? Kindest, Rachel

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