…Aka “Ressy” “Cherry”

Unorthodox is the only way I can describe Cherry, everything about her screams high fashion wife. A university student who majors in fashion may seem like a child to many but in actuality is an adult to the world. She has lived in more places than she lets off, fluent not just in the obvious English but in Italian and her childish  “gypsy” talk. This is not the case when you get to know her. She couldn’t care less what she is seen in but always seems to pull off her attire. A night around the town with her is actually a “guys” night out cause she fits right in. Guaranteed she knows more about football than some guys I’ve met. A real creative person and I can honestly say she is one of the biggest reasons why The H. R. Gallery is running and its not just because she likes to have her photos taken much as I like to take em’.




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Filed under Fashion, Passion, Personal Work, Photography

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