Jamaican Blog Awards

First and foremost I wanna than God… naw naw am playing, am sorry for posting this so late (typical Jamaican, I was without Athena “my laptop” for a day) but I am pleased that I won because I had given some of my days vote to Ishka Design (very impressed with her blog and what she shares with the world). I have recently placed her in  my “blogroll” (thats one of the small boxes to the right have a look and see who I was put up against). If there is anyone to thank is the person who nominated me because till now I am clueless as to how I even got on the awards. I wasn’t even able to watch it over the internet because I was stuck on the stupid night bus which are the worst when in a hurry. I read the review and my mother told me about the event and by the sounds it went well minus some hiccups and possibilities of it not being a one hit wonder seems slim, there is hope for it.  Some pictures that I was tagged in on facebook of my uncle, photography is his hobby my passion and my mother is the engine of this little pop down deportee that walks around with a camera.




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5 responses to “Jamaican Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations…. Well deserved

    • Sorry for replying late, Only just realized… A lot of my mail automatically go into my spam for some reason… But thatnk you very much, I appreciate it. Has me double thinking what to post on my blog at times

  2. Congratulations Sir!!

  3. Hi, Could you please email me asap at corve.dacosta@gmail.com – I’m the organiser of the Jamaica Blog Awards. We’re doing a story and I’d like to have your parents contact info…Please.


  4. Mr. Chuck

    me fren gone a foreign fi get big a yard boom yah veggie

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