Carmarley Dennis

With an avid eye for detail and his vast knowledge of fashion trends and designs you would think that Carmarley was a professional in that field. If there was anyone around me who I was influenced by it would be Carmarley, who is currently pursuing a second degree in the field of Law. He always seemed to know more than the average Joe: I remember walking into a store and liking a pair of jeans, while Carmarley and  one of the workers conversed about how brilliant another pair was with respect to stitching and quality material, etc. It was obvious of course that I had no idea that there was so much to know and appreciate when buying a fashionable pair of jeans! I have always said that I was totally into fashion, however, I wasn’t able to tell what was “hip” from that which was not, until till I met photography.







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10 responses to “Carmarley Dennis

  1. JB

    love the pics!

  2. Stephen

    Carmarley from high school days always had that uncanny ability to dress with swag and style effortlessly so this comes as no surprise to me. Bless up bro and keep doing u thing.

  3. Marley! My brother from another… Cool pics Henry, and tell marley those leather brogues HAAARD!

  4. We all have our talents and photography is clearly yours.

    • Wow thats kinda big… something i myself wud be a bit hesitant to state but I like tht others see something in my work… I enjoy photography at well it seems to enjoy me too

  5. Leshem *RASTAFARIAN* Fulford

    Real Fashionable Yout…Selassie

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