Leave A Trail

Now firstly for anyone who knows me knows I rarely think things and events are “signs”. Hate going to galleries and hear people predict what the painter was thinking when they we doing a painting. drawing etc. I don’t believe in horoscope or believe that I have to find someone compatible to my horoscope (Ladies I am a Virgo 😉 ).

I was doing one of my cross country trips with a close friend of mine during my ten day visit home in Jamaica. She does that has her traveling the country repairing equipment for major companies (I think thats sexy for a female to be doing). Anyway let me get to the story…

Ended up on a beach find small things to take pictures of and a boy was walking towards me with two long sticks and he was dragging them through the sand usually this would have me snapping away but it took me awhile to do so. I watch him coming my way for awhile till he past me. What i found wierd was i kept watching the sticks in his hand and the his face where he was smiling the whole time. When he past I started taking pictures and he kept looking back and smiling, I took a few more.

Leave a trail I say (in this boys case two) so people travelling your path have an option to follow. Leave an impression that no matter how many trails or distractions there are yours stand out.


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5 responses to “Leave A Trail

  1. Cherry

    I am still unsure, even after reading as to why and what I like about this post. I think it’s simply because it has meaning to it other than just a picture/s of a little boy carring two sticks on the beach. It’s a picture that, as you say “stands out”. Good job yet again. Keep doing your thing, it will get you as far as you believe you can go. 🙂

  2. great idea on the burst shot and using the wordpress gallery feature to show it as an almost motion picture kind of illustration. cool post

  3. Michael Leon

    Love the pic and the message. Funny the way the tinniest of things end up leaving the biggest impression.

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