Erin Ingleton

For someone who seems very focused and very organized she presents herself as very laid back type a person. When I first met her I took some photos of her fashion show (couple post down). It was a last minute request so I hadn’t met her till the day of the Show. I went up to her while she seemed to have a million and one thing on her mind and said “you wanted me to take some pictures”, she looked me up and down and replied “do what u seem fit” and walked off”. Couple days later we are in her room talking like we grew up together, Miss Erin Ingleton. Oh let me juts put it to you she didn’t realize this was an interview and the camera was on till a minute or so into talking, but that just brings back my first point… focused… organized… laid back…. no doubt in my mind she isn’t going to be a face to be reckon with.


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