Henry’s First blog

Hey Bloggers, Let me first introduce my self on my first post. I go by Henry Robinson, I am an amateur photographer/director. I am inspired by passionate people… There are times you come across people who captivate you with their passion, and even if it was for a split second you thought to yourself  “i can see myself getting into this” …. much of my work, inspiration and ideas come from them.

For my first blog though I have decided to show u someone who I personally love and adore, its yours truly Henry Robinson. I know…. how lame. Don’t worry I’ll get better at this (for your sake). With my new workmate and make-up artist Tiffany Look Loy, , I did a series of photo shoots together over the weekend and after it all I even decided to teach her how to use my camera Canon 5D Mark ii….. and well this is what we came out with… I think I will do other people every week and post them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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4 responses to “Henry’s First blog

  1. cherry

    Yay! Finally!!! Good luck in the future Nik, although I knw ur not gna need the luck cos both u an Tiff got a bright future ahead of you. Big hug an kisses, love ya’ll.. GEH!!!

  2. Ahaha….Love the pics and all the best with the blog. Bless

  3. Thanks man really appreciate that coming from someone for an “eye” as well

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